About Us

Stepping Stone Enrichment Academy (SSEA), conveniently located in the beautiful city of Belmont, is a well-balanced and unique Chinese after school program that provides care for Kindergarten to 5th grade students. SSEA was founded in early 2015 based on the fundamental of love for kids, the faith, and passion in passing down the Chinese language and culture to our beloved next generation. Since opening our doors, we’ve received an abundance of positive feedback from parents and most importantly, our enrolled students.

In addition to Chinese classes, we provide English and Math tutoring as well as a range of enrichment classes that parents can select for their children. We set high standards when hiring teachers and tutors. Working with our complete set of fun and learning curriculums for every grade level, teachers provide interactive and enjoyable work. Along with tutoring, we also accommodate individual students in strengthening areas they may not be proficient in. Our goal is to reassure parents that their kids are in a fun environment where they can simultaneously learn and advance as individuals.

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We provide safe pickups from schools in Belmont and San Carlos for the convenience of busy working parents. SSEA follows the Belmont and San Carlos School District calendars.

Our Approach

In SSEA, kids will learn and have fun in a structured and loving environment. The foundation of our schools learning environment is based on two attributes, Responsibility and Care. Because of our trained staff and teachers being responsible and caring, kids are accepting exemplary care and education every child deserves; because of us being responsible, we are excelling everyday.

Here at SSEA, we understand learning something as beautiful but complex as a new language can feel overwhelming and ultimately boring to some children. For that reason we have a curriculum in place that is designed to maintain a well-balanced teaching approach. Our approach encourages and involves kids in participating, learning and ultimately appreciating the Chinese language. With the help of our prepared teachers, students have shown immediate progress in both reading and writing.

We encourage and foster children's independence in thinking and recognize they require additional guidance in order to reach their fullest potential. For that reason we have English and math teachers available. We designed an English and Math curriculum to advance and strengthen student’s school performance. SSEA serves as an engaging extension of a student’s academic life.

Active Learning and Enrichment Programs

Besides Chinese class, English and Math tutoring, we arrange different cultural and traditional activities. We provide enrichment classes that range from abacus, piano to drawing and dancing. Additionally on a weekly basis students are presented with a new topic to learn about in order to cultivate a student's public speaking and presentation skills.

We also provide enrichment classes for the parents and students to choose from, such as abacus, piano, drawing, dancing, chess, and etc.

SSEA’s active learning and enrichment programs serve the purpose of fostering a healthy, positive and happy sense of self. We want to help institute growth through diverse activities in order to foster a child with three essentials.

  • Healthy, positive and happy sense of self;
  • Caring attitude and serving others as a community citizen;
  • Building their confidence, critical thinking skills, organizational skills.


We provide pick up for the convenience of busy working parents. The safety of our students is always our priority therefore we have set strict rules and systems in place to safely pick up and transport students.