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Chess is one of the oldest games dated 1500 years ago. Over the years it brings all ages people from different cultures and backgrounds playing together.

Scientific study shows chess benefits human being in so many ways, from competing to win while accepting losses, deepening focus, strategizing and planning, logical thinking and problem solving skills, and much more.

Stepping Stone offers Chess class to start our students learning all the skills from young age.

What are the benefits?
  • Deepens focus and attention span

  • Improves memory

  • Boosts planning skills

  • Boosts reasoning and logical thinking skills

  • Develop calmness under pressure

  • Develop competitiveness 

  • Develop problem solving skills

  • And much more...

Sign up for the enrichment classes once you register in our after-school program.

About Our Insturctor - Coach Bill

  • Over 20 years Chess Coaching experience. Championship of the Iwakuni Armed Forces.

  • Over rating of 2100 rated players. 

  • Has been coaching at Stepping Stone since 2015.

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