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Drawing is a process that all children naturally engage in, from the time they first discover they can hold a crayon.

In general, a child’s progress portrays a strong connection between drawing and child development. Drawing develops child's fine motor skills, cognitive development, creativity and imagination and so much more...

Stepping Stone's Drawing Classes have inspired hundreds of young creators to continue their passion in drawing and creating all kinds of projects in their learning journey. 

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What are the benefits?
  • Develop fine motor skills

  • Improve creative thinking and imaginaion

  • Increase brain activities and help cognitive development

  • Learn appreciation of Art Works

  • And more...

Sign up for the enrichment classes once you register in our after-school program.

About Our Insturctor - Irene Lee

Majored in western drawing and marketing, more than 23 years in marketing field and more than 10 years in the teaching field. Her teaching philosophy is to encourage students’ creation and imagination in creating each art work with acrylic, paints, oil paste...

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