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Mandarin Program

Let Bilingual broaden your child’s horizon above and beyond....

In addition to the exceptional care, the expansive outdoor playground, and the enrichment classes offered in our beautiful facility, parents choose our program primarily for the high-quality Chinese language education we provide. 

Our program focuses on teaching simplified Chinese, commencing from TK/K and placing a strong emphasis on establishing a solid foundation in Pinyin. Beyond acquiring the ability to write approximately a hundred Chinese characters and recognizing several hundred more, our students engage in the exploration of Chinese songs, poems, and stories. By the end of the academic year, they are able to spell words and compose simple stories using Pinyin. This robust Pinyin foundation not only equips our students for future proficiency in typing but also enhances their ability for independent Chinese language learning in the future.


In addition to prioritizing reading and writing skills, our teaching approach places a significant. emphasis on fostering speaking proficiency. We encourage our students to engage in Chinese conversation throughout our program. Recognizing the crucial role of speaking in language acquisition, our focus extends beyond comprehension to include effective communication, enabling our students not only to understand others but also to express themselves and be understood by others.



Seizing the opportunity to introduce a new language and skills during a child's after-school hours can have immense advantages for their future, both in their professional endeavors and general life. The benefits are immeasurable in an increasingly globalized world and in the overall development of our young learners. However, it is vital to ensure that this learning occurs in an environment that prioritizes enjoyment, avoiding any compromise on the joyous aspects of childhood.                       


Our Chinese classes are conducted in a formal school setting, led by experienced and professional educators. Each grade is assigned its dedicated classroom, with a consistent primary teacher throughout the academic year, and some grades benefit from the support of teacher's assistants. The main teacher for each grade meticulously organizes and plans the curriculum for the entire school year, breaking it down into monthly and weekly objectives. Regular weekly meetings among the teachers facilitate the exchange of teaching topics, ideas, and goals for both the week and the month, ensuring a cohesive and well-coordinated approach among all grades.

The curricula for each grade in our program are designed to enable students to achieve specific milestones, including the ability to write and recognize a designated number of characters, memorize and narrate all textbook stories, and compose short stories or essays. 


We categorize our students according to their school grades upon joining us, starting from either TK or K. This grading system ensures that students are placed alongside their peers, a crucial element for their learning experience and overall joy in the educational journey. If a student joins midway through grades other than TK/K, we will carefully assess their Chinese proficiency and assign them to the appropriate grade level based on their language skills.

Stepping Stone is the ideal environment for children to learn and have a great time. Our team feels privileged to be a part of your child's growth journey, and in return, we are committed to providing the highest quality care and education. With a combination of professionalism and genuine affection, we strive to create a nurturing and enriching experience for your child. 

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Learn Chinese

Daily Chinese Lessons in a formal school setting environment taught by Professional and experienced teachers.

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Connect Families

Stepping Stone Sports Event and Carnival involve parents participation, which bring all families together..

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Celebrate Holidays

and Traditions

We celebrate Chinese traditions and holidays through cultural events and activities, which allows our children deeply understand Chinese culture.


Serve the Community

We join Belmont City and San Mateo County's events, which allow our children serve our community and to be part of the community citizen.


Get Rewarded 

Monthly Panda Shop reward our students for their hardworking, discipline, honesty, integrity and leadership...

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Have Fun!!!

Our children are not only learning in a structured environment, but also having fun through all kinds of activities and events. 

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