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Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad problems are designed to challenge students' math skills in a variety of areas including analytical skills, creative and imaginative thinking, problem-solving and reasoning. We introduce different types and topics of problems that students encounter in competitive mathematics. Students are trained to use strategies of problem-solving and to foster mathematical creativity. 

What are the benefits?
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  • Analytical skill and logical thinking

  • Creativity, innovation, imaginative thinking

  • Outside-the-box thinking

  • Problem-solving skill

  • Understand how mathematics applies to nature’s laws and human activities.

  • Improve academic performance in school

Sign up for the enrichment classes once you register in our after-school program.

About Our Insturctor

Teacher Lucia Luk

Teacher Lucia has a Bachelor's Degree in Education and has been in the education field for her entire life. She has been teaching math classes for over 20 years. She is a Certified Abacus and Math Olympiad instructor. She is also the director of Gigamind Explorer Education. She leads hundreds of students to participate in various math competitions in the United States every year.

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