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Robotics are utilized in a variety of industries, especially for the today's world. Interacting with robotics can help students build experience in variety fields.

Robotics require some basic coding knowledge and computer programming skills, students can utilize these skills to have robots complete specific tasks.

One of the most notable and important benefits of incorporating robotics into our enrichment classes is  preparing and inspiring some students with this interest for a STEAM related career. As technology advances and new industries boom, preparing the next generation of STEAM professionals is critical. 

Robotics is an exciting project that students will consider fun, for parents, Robotics will open the door for the students' curiosity of STEAM projects, opportunities and careers in their future.

Benefits Of Robotics?
  • Improve efficiency and enthusiasm in STEAM 

  • Build teamwork and communication skills

  • Teach students critical thinking skills

  • Prepare students for future success

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About Robotics Instructor - Coach Hao

Coach Hao, owner and founder of Robot Gyms. Coach Hao graduated from Dartmouth College with a Master Degree on Computer Science. He has worked as a software engineer for over 20 years. He is also the head coach of servral FTC Robtics Teams. He and his team dedicate to help make robust and advanced robots. Kids will improve their STEM grades and will be able to confidently attend robotics competitions (FLL, FTC, FRC, VEX etc.) down the road. Coach Hao and his team has won many Robotics competition Championships.

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