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Cultural Events

Participating in and celebrating Chinese traditions and holidays is a vital component of the Chinese language learning process at Stepping Stone. We actively engage in festivities for each traditional Chinese event, providing our students with a deeper understanding of Chinese culture while ensuring they have a tremendous amount of fun.

Moreover, at Stepping Stone, we embrace cultural diversity by commemorating various cultural events. These celebrations play a crucial role in nurturing respect and open-mindedness among our students towards different cultures. By acknowledging both our differences and shared interests, we aim to foster unity and a better understanding of diverse perspectives. Additionally, each holiday celebration contributes to creating cherished memories for our students, shaping their happy childhood experiences.

Chinese Lunar New Year 

Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China, it is part of culture deep rooted in the history of China.

It is Stepping Stone's tradition to celebrate Chinese New Year with our children and our Community families. The performance, music, songs, and all kinds of programs kick start our Chinese New Year celebration each year.

City Of Belmont
Chinese New Year Celebration

City of Belmont started recognizing and celebrating Chinese New Year since 2023, Stepping Stone has been part of the Celebration since then. We are proud to share our festive culture with our community.

San Mateo Countywide Celebration of Arts and Culture

Our performers were invited to the annual San Mateo Countywide Celebration of the Arts and Culture event. Performers from different background and culture performed their traditional program. We are proud of being part of the cultural celebration event with the community.  Except for Stepping Stone Kungfu performance, our art teacher added more fun to the community event by giving face painting on site.

Lantern Festival - Lunar Jan 15

The holiday marks the first full moon of the new Lunar Year and the end of the Chinese New Year celebration. During this festival, students in Stepping Stone making lanterns, and compete with riddles written on them; Winner of Lantern Riddle Competition will win gifts and recognition. Students also makes symbol food of this tradition: Tang Yuan

Dragon Boat Festival - Lunar May 15

On each Dragon Boat Festival, teachers will teach kids  how to make Zong Zi, students know the legendary story behind this cultural tradition. Sometimes we hold Cultural Event Carnival with participation of all Stepping Stone Families.

Autumn Moon Festival - Lunar Aug 15

Students at Stepping Stone love to celebrate each Chinese Tradition, since they will get chance to learn the stories behind, make crafts and symbol food of the tradition. On the Autumn Moon Festival, students will learn how to make Moon Cakes, and celebrate with singing songs and Poems.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Holiday is an important and fun holiday for young children. At Stepping Stone, they never miss the fun of Egg Hunt on this day and find surprises inside the eggs, it is part of their happy Childhood memory. We are also part of City of Belmont Easter Egg Hunt each year, serving the community kids with fun activities and eggs.


At Stepping Stone, our students will never miss Halloween when they can dress up, parade, trick or treat with so much fun...Join us for a spooky costume contest, pumpkin carving competition, and a haunted house experience. Don't miss out on the fun to celebrate Halloween with us!

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